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Roberto Rojas, Sport Broadcaster - Ep. 145

Unlike most in the world of sports, Roberto knew from a young age that he probably wasn't talented enough to make it to the league. (Lets face it, we all know that one kid who swears he/she could've made it big in their sport) Roberto took that moment of self awareness and poured all of his efforts into finding a way to still make an impact on the world of soccer.

In part 1, Roberto talk about his humble beginnings in Bridgeport, CT, and how he has found his way into broadcasting for major sports networks like, BeIN Sports, and covering big tournaments like the Copa America! We even touched upon how he has been able to balance traveling the world for these events with attending classes at Sacred Heart University.

In part 2, we got to dive into Roberto's love for the sport. We find out how he got involved with soccer, who his favorite teams are, and some predictions for 2020!

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Twitter: @RobertoRojas97

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