Mark Metry Pt 2 - How To Grow Your Podcast Into An iTunes Top 100 Podcast

April 12, 2019


“Nobody is really taking it seriously”


That’s what Mark Metry said in terms of the podcasting world currently. If Mark sounds familiar, its because he was on our show ALL THE WAY back in episode 13, where we talked about him making 6-figures when he was 13 playing Minecraft and the beginnings of his podcast.


Over the past year and a half, he has grown from 0 to an iTunes Top 100 podcast and this is his formula… with whatever you do in your life, spend 3 hours each day on it. Thats 21 hours a week and more than what most people put into their passion. Mark has interviewed people like Seth Godin, Naveen Jain, to just name a few and he says one of the few things that seperates the “most successful” people from the rest is that they consistently put in the effort each and every day.


Key Takeaways From The Podcast:


3 hours a day 7 days a week All the hours start to stack up after a while Stop paying attention to the downloads everyday Increase the input vs focusing on your output Realize that no matter “how big” the guest can seem, everyone is just a person and you can reach ANYONE via social media The time to start is now “Mental toughness is showing up everyday and doing the same thing”


Mark says he’s just a guy, but we think he’s special in the way he’s able to grow not only with podcasting, but LinkedIn. He’s a man thats on his grind and getting better each and every day. If you don’t pay attention to Mark’s content, he is always sharing tips on Mental Health, eating tips, etc. We’re keeping our eye on Mark and so should you!



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