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Andrew Helms - How To Succeed After Dropping Out Of High School

April 19, 2019



Whats it like to be a story telling wizard? We got to talk about his journey of building Feralflix, a company that helps you produce your story. But Andrew’s path to becoming a wizard wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.


Andrew nearly died as a child… his father shook him at an early age which left him hospitalized and then caused him to get adopted into his extended family. On top of all this, Andrew dropped out of high school with needing just 1 more credit and had to try to figure out life from there. He eventually got his GED, got a Bachelors and then a Masters and is now the CEO of Feralflix.


Key Takeaways From This Episode:

No matter what situation you’re put in or you put yourself in, know there is always a way out You can learn anything in 100 days but only if you follow the 3 rules of finding someone who knows how to do it and learning from them, actually going out there and learning to do it,  Meditate. Your heart started beating before your brain was a thing. Meditating is one of the few things you can do to control your heart. Take your experiences and be a teacher so that others don’t have to experience the same negative things you went through. Andrew does this as a father, but that lesson is for everyone Its okay to take some time for yourself, he started his professional career 4-5 years later than most, but he is on par if not at a higher place in life compared to those who were on the “Standard” path Be happy!




Learn more about Feralflix:


Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn:


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