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Kyle Mogged - Working For Gary Vaynerchuk and Why You Can Meet Anyone You Want Now A Days

April 24, 2019


Last week we had the storytelling wizard, this week we have The Zen Wizard! Coming back on all the way from EP. 8, its Kyle Mogged. Last time we spoke to Kyle, he was just about to leave for his “residency” to work at Vaynermedia with Team Gary. It’s been almost a year and a half since then and we had plenty to cover with Kyle in the world of personal branding!


Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

You can literally speak to ANYONE, you just have figure out a way to finesse it. Someone you know can connect you to another person, who can connect you to the person you want to meet. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, you can always use social media to help you out Speaking things into existence. Maybe you don’t “believe this”, but just thinking that you can do something will give you confidence, which then allows you to achieve what you’ve always wanted to If you’re a videographer, your opportunities are ENDLESS. Find someone you want to work with, create some stuff for them for free, then provide them value. If you’re good enough they might even let you work for them. Personal branding is only going to get bigger


Kyle is ALL ABOUT the zen, meditation, chakra dances, etc. If you want to learn more about that side of his story, definitely check out his instagram as he revolves around all of that.



Kyle’s IG:


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