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Loading Bar Lounge 2: How Our Event Went, What Gary Is Doing Up At 2am, and Much Much More

April 17, 2019

Welcome to the Loading Bar Lounge, were Justin, Gary, and sometimes Michelle pops her head in to chat about whats going on in our lives. We're all about the loading bar so this is how we keep ourselves accountable and show you guys how we're getting on in our lives!


This week:


Justin recaps the event that happened 2 weeks ago. The ups, the downs, and the wtf is going on. *Hint: there is a moment when someone's car gets stolen...


Justin also talks about if you're planning your own event, what are some good tips and things to keep in mind especially when its your first one.


Gary chats about everything he has been up to over the past week and a half. Getting his "life" together of completing the simple routines of self-care like skin care.


We're all still loading!


If you were impacted in anyway by this show, take a screenshot, put it up on your Instagram story and tag us! Be sure to leave a rating and subscribe to our podcast! It helps more than you could ever believe!




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