Mikey Bee Pt 2 - Mindset Monday and Why Its Okay To Not Be An Entrepreneur, How To Teach Children About Emotional Intelligence, How To Get Students To Like School - E.128

April 10, 2019


Do you have to be an entrepreneur?


In today’s day in age it seems like you watch one Gary Vaynerchuk video and the internet’s algorithm pushes everything from dropshipping to wholesaling videos in your face telling you that you can live your dream being an entrepreneur.


Mikey Bee has a different perspective in that he has tried his own ventures and realized that it wasn’t for him. He could never get the ball rolling whenever he wanted to create a company or non-profit and actually lost all of his money on attempting to create a non-profit. So that's why he decided to partner with a friend who already was in the midst of starting a business because he knew the value that he could provide especially in marketing.


Thats where Poochie Butter comes in!


In this episode some highlighting points are:

  • How Mikey took a step away from teaching to pursue his passions, ultimately failing and running low on money so he got back into teaching while growing Poochie Butter.

  • What Mikey went through in terms of starting a non-profit and losing all of his money

  • Why you don’t have to be an entrepreneur

  • How the education system can start to change for the better

  • What his school is doing to lead that change

  • His first rap album is dropping this summer!

  • Why emotional intelligence is better than IQ

  • How to teach emotional intelligence to children

  • How to respond to your kid not liking school


Mikey Bee returns for his 2nd episode and it is nothing short but packed with insights into the education system. The rapping teacher has gone through many ups and downs since we last spoke to him on Episode 46 and now is 50% on his loading bar, although his take on a loading bar is different than most. Mikey’s biggest message to teachers and young students is mindset and is setting the trend with his classroom activity called “Mindset Monday” where he focuses in on the emotional intelligence of his students and asking the question “Why?”



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