Loading Bar Lounge: Justin's 3-Day Fast and Gary Gets His Grind Up With SEO - E.1

April 5, 2019



Welcome to the newest segment of our podcast called the "Loading Bar" where we talk about how Justin and Gary are moving on their loading bar.


This week Justin talks about his 3 day fast and how its impacted his life all while planning the first "Growing up Young and D.U.M.B." Event. Tune in next week to hear about how the event went!


Hint: Justin was hungry the whole time and may have almost fainted during one of his events LOL


Gary talks about his future plans in his career and how he has been working on Google SEO, our website, and future redesigns. 

We love learning about other people's loading bars, but this lets you guys in on our loading bar.


This is our first episode with this so let us know what you like or don't like via social media!



We LOVE hearing your feedback and just hearing from you all in general! Reach out to us via Twitter, Instagram, or email




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