Radley Gillis - 2 Paths 1 Choice, Why Having A Solid Community And A Good Mentality Can Get You Through Anything - E.126

March 28, 2019


Imagine you’ve been an athlete your whole life and honed into fitness… but because of a freak accident you’ve lost one leg just below the knee and then the other you have a few inches left just under your torso..


You get back up even stronger and figure it out.

That is exactly what Radley Gillis went through when one night he going home from work on his motorcycle and because of the rain, his bike slipped and sent him into the guardrail…


What happened next is still a blur for Radley, but from what he remembers is that in the ambulance ride to the hospital he died a few times, he lost both of his legs, they had to take a piece of his back muscle and wrap it around his femur, and he light heartily says he may have even lost an organ or two.


But none of this has stopped him. That accident happened 2 years ago and although Radley isn’t where he would necessarily like to be, he most definitely is on his way there.


Key takeaways:

Never take anything for granted No matter what situation life throws at you, you can always find a way out of it Family and community were the backbone of helping him get to the mental state he is in today The hardest battle is the mental battle Radley is a living miracle and if you don’t listen to his story and get motivated to go out and do what you said you were going to do yesterday… you just gotta go and do it 2 paths 1 choice


On top of recovering from the accident, Radley has accomplished a number of things and has a few more targets on his radar to hit.


What's he done?

Finished his summer classes and took an exam even though he was still recovering with tubes in throughout his body Recent graduate from UCF Going into law school this fall Ran and won the Presidency for his fraternity at UCF Started his own fitness company with his best friend Adler called RadFlex And so much more!


Whats next?

Become a lawyer Run for senate or governor Grow their fitness company Inspire others Help grow the prosthetics industry




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