Daniel Botero - Why Only 15% Of College Students Graduate With A Job Is Not Enough - E.123

March 20, 2019


Daniel Botero was living the dream life. He had a career in sales, was making more money than he ever thought he would, and helping students out with their careers…. But something just wasn’t right. Thats why he took the leap of faith, quit his job and started his podcast “Mastering College To Career”. 


We got to talk about the best things students can do in school to set themselves up for success upon graduating. Daniel knows his stats and one that stood out to us is that “85% of students graduate without a job lined up”. To us that is crazy because the whole idea of college is that you go to get a job after.


Another topic that came up is the theory of “The Golden Handcuffs”. Basically it is when someone who is working keeps spending all of their money so that they believe they need to work more to spend more and in the end can never quit, retire, or pursue their passion. This is similar to the theory of “keeping up with the Jones’s”.


If you’re a student, this episode is definitely for you because there are some hidden gems that you won’t hear anywhere else.


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Check out Daniel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedanielbotero/?hl=en


Check out Daniel’s Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mastering-college-to-career/id1429219260?mt=2


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