Fernando Valencia - What It Takes To Host Over 5500 Events - E. 121

March 12, 2019



Fernando Valencia is a man of many talents. He got his start when he wanted to buy a pair of sneakers, so what did he do? He found some things to flip to make the money. 


Now? He runs Guru Branding and has hosted over 5500 events. It may seem like Fernando is the ultimate entrepreneur, but it wasn’t always like this. In the matter of a few days, Fernando left his company and broke up with his girlfriend because he realized he had no balance in his life, even though he was making more money than ever.


Through a dark time, he found his way out through meditation and taking steps back to look at his life through a deeper lens… thats when Guru Branding was born. He helps people brand themself through the internet and another company he runs is Guru Events which helps people put on events. 


We got to talk about everything from depression, how he got out of it, how anyone can make money now a days, and so much more. 


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Check out Fernando’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrfjv/?hl=en


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