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D'Andre Evans - How To Build An iTunes Top 20 Podcast From Scratch

March 8, 2019




D’andre Evans is the host of the “LevelUpDaily” Podcast, an iTunes Top 20 podcast! He’s had guests on such as David Meltzer, John Lee Dumas, and James Worthy. But this wasn’t always his life. Before the podcast, D’andre was working a traditional 9-5, but started the podcast because he wanted more.


His message is to show that YOU can make it too. D’andre didn’t come from a world of connections that allowed him to get these guests on, he did it through hacking the system. Constantly sending DMs, going to networking events to meet them, etc. these were all tactics of how someone without a big name has been able to win big in the podcasting realm.


Whats next? He wants to be at the head of podcasting. He wants to grow his brand to be a 6-7 figure podcast in terms of number of downloads and he is definitely on his way to doing so. 


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