Nadeem aka ScraapyTube - Being Able To Diversify Yourself, How A Youtuber Can Take 10 Months Off and Still Survive - E.118

March 1, 2019


Nadeem is a Youtuber who hasn’t posted on Youtube in nearly in 10 months… why? Because he needed a break from it. He amassed over 500k views in a year and decided that he wanted to use his impact for something bigger.


That was an event he has been planning called “The Takeover” where he is working with big names like Chance The Rapper to get this going. Although the thought was great, it has run into a lot of bumps in the road. We got to talk everything about it!


What's next for Nadeem? His next venture is his own podcast called eny podcast. The concept is to be able to talk about everything and anything. Can’t wait for this first episode to drop because we know Nadeem is all about quality.


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