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Thomas Reck - How An 18 Year Old Is Helping CEOs Brand Themselves

January 23, 2019


Thomas Reck is an 18 year old who makes a living building brands when he’s not in class at his local high school. This past summer, Tommy had the chance to move to New York for a few months in search of adventure and working at a restaurant. When the job fell through, Tommy’s back was against the wall and he used his photography to meet people.


Now Tommy knows the power of personal branding and is helping CEOs across the world build theirs. He utilizes social media ads and especially Linkedin. Keep an eye out for Tommy in the future because we know we weren’t thinking about any of this when we were 18! We got really tactical in this episode so stay tune to learn more about how Tommy grows his IG following for the price of a Starbucks Coffee.



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