Sam Thompson - How Meeting A Monk Changed His Life Perspective E.106

January 18, 2019


Samuel Thompson is a Venture Philanthropist killing it on both the East and West coasts! His latest venture is called “Institute of Ethics” that is a social impact venture studio focused on building businesses to support non-profit initiatives. Previously he has worked on “Elite Daily” with Gerard Adams and has had several other ventures that have allowed him to accumulate over 31.8M impressions and 3.5M followers gained in the past 7 years.


Mindset is everything with Sam and we got to talk about an experience that he seldomly talks about which is what happened when he was 17. He was on top of the world, making more money he could have ever wanted, and then he finds out his grandparents got into a car accident and his uncle has had a heart attack. That moment showed him what was truly important in life and shifted his focus towards non-profit and philanthropic work.



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