How To Get Deals With The Biggest Brands As A Videographer Storyteller with Tim Hoang E.103

January 8, 2019


Tim Hoang is the mastermind behind the IG account @storiesbytim. He is a visual storyteller who has captured content for some of the biggest brands out there such as Lyft, been mentioned in Forbes Magazine, and so much more. Oh by the way… he is only 21.


He didn’t always have a smooth road, he had to go against the grain into a field where his dad didn’t necessarily agree with. It got to the point where he was kicked out of his house because he would come home at 4am smelling like weed and alcohol, not because he was using it, but rather he was at a nightclub all night shooting content. 


He pushed through it all and now is thriving with @storiesbytim. We got to talk about what a creator’s mindset would be, how to reach out to these brands, and why our generation needs to stop being paralyzed by failure and start trying more things.



If you want to learn more about Tim check out his IG:


Or his website



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