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Part-Time Student, Full-Time Podcaster with Riley E71

September 6, 2018



This week we take a P.L.U.N.G.E. with Riley

Riley is just a “normal” guy who happens to run a hilarious podcast called “The Plunge”

He is a student at Plymouth State University studying Management
But when he's not being a student he is a co-host on “The Plunge” podcast where he and a group of his friends talk about a variety of topics such as sports, life, and everything in between. It's all a bit of banter between the guys 
They’ve just started the podcast a couple months ago and just like how we were, have now split up as the 3 guys are back to college. So we wanted to wish them good luck!

If you wanna get in touch with them, the best place is on Twitter @PlungePodcast


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