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Creating Sade's E.X.P.O.S.E. with Pangea - E. 10

September 19, 2017




Young and D.U.M.B is a podcast for the dedicated, up and coming, motivated and bold. It's for dreamers and innovators alike who want to make the world theirs. This week we interviewed Sade Ogunjimi about her art projects PWI (Predominately, White, Institution), her up coming progect PANGEA, and how Black Culture has impacted her life. This weeks episode will definitely open your eyes to a different perspective of culture, but a real time experience of what it is like to be a Person Of Color living in our society today.

Our goal is to connect people to stories, people to people and people to opportunity. It's ordinary people like you and I who are capable of incredible things that are gonna change the world. Listen to the Young and D.U.M.B podcast to hear individuals who are well on their way. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Getchogrindup



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