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Learning That C.H.A.N.G.E. Is Good With Dempsey Schott E. 9

September 12, 2017




Hurricane Irma took the first 5 minutes of our interview but it is okay! We may be a little late but Irma does not stop us from uploading as we have a very special guest this week.

OUR FIRST FEMALE GUEST! Dempsey Schott speaks on C.H.A.N.G.E. and how it can be a positive rather than the negative in which a lot of people think it as. Especially in a time when almost everyone is under going a huge amount of change in their life.... college. From putting her whole life's work of time and effort into theatre, she decided to eventually leave as it wasn't her calling anymore. Instead she found that helping others find the right college for them was more suited for her. To get to this point though she had to go through massive amounts of decision making, time spent talking to people, and even shedding some tears. But in the end, she knew that change was for the better and continued to carry on.


Listen to Episode 9 as Dempsey shows us her journey through the life of a change master. 




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