Sara Toussaint

Play Like A Girl...

Since day one, Sara has always loved to play sports, but she didn't know that she wanted to work in sports. She was interning in a lawyer's office when a marketing position at the firm opened up. Since she had nowhere else to go, she went for it and got it.

She found that working at a law firm was a boring job and started looking elsewhere. That's when an opportunity with the MLB popped up and she made her move into the Sports Industry!

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From the MLB, she worked her way to MLS and eventually into her current position at Wells Fargo as their VP of Sports Marketing.

Sara came to speak at our event in October geared towards Marketing & Sales where she told the students what to expect in the sports industry.

You'll work long hours, the pay will stink, but the experience is once in a lifetime. And the easiest way to get into Sports is being REALLY good at sales.

Aside from her duties at Wells Fargo, she is on the Board of Directors at "Play Like A Girl", not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing girls’ health and empowerment through the transformative power of sport and physical activity while introducing them to STEM-related careers.

Sara holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago in Public Policy Studies and an MBA from the University of New York in Marketing and Entertainment, Media and Technology.

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