Nico Gentry

The Mission To Drive

Nico was born with a condition called "Nystagmus" which causes his eyes to not be able to focus. But this never stopped Nico, even though his doctors told him that he'd never be able to play sports and since he is legally blind he would never drive, Nico is determined to find his way.

Growing up Nico was involved in MMA and at Texas A&M, Nico's friends pushed him to try American Ninja Warrior.

Nico Gentry ANW.png

Nico already received a couple of job offers before he went on American Ninja Warrior in San Antonio, but he turned down the offers because he knew he had a unique opportunity in his hands.

We're bringing Nico to speak on our panel in March to talk about how he strategically leveraged being on national television and how every student can look at different opportunities in their life to do the same.

*Video credit to Orlando Economic Partnership

When Nico was on American Ninja Warrior, he talked about his disability and how he always wanted to drive a car and that is why he wants to work for a company that creates self-driving cars. Once the episode aired, Nico's LinkedIn BLEW UP with opportunities to visit companies like Ford, GE, etc. but the first person that messaged him was Scott Faris from Luminar and that is what landed him in the city beautiful!

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