Never Let Your Age Hold You Back

We met Mark in 2017 when we had him on The GetChoGrindUp Podcast as his first-ever podcast... We knew Mark was special (He told his story about making 6-figures while he was 13 by creating a Minecraft server) but we didn't know that he would explode so quickly.

On his podcast, Humans 2.0, he has interviewed people like Billionaire Naveen Jain, Seth Godin, Ed Mylett, and many others. His show is regularly rated as an iTunes top 100 podcast and is listened to by thousands across the world.

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Mark Metry x GetChoGrindUp.jpg

He's basically our Justin Bieber and we're his Scooter Braun HAHA just kidding, all of Mark's success has come from working his butt off and using the knowledge that he's gained through his business career.

Mark spoke at our event in April 2019 to talk about how he has dealt with mental illness through his success. He inspired the students attending to become entrepreneurs, but to be wary of all of the "hustle porn" out there.

Today, Mark releases daily episodes of his podcast Humans 2.0 and daily content via LinkedIn. If you're someone looking to learn more about entrepreneurship, especially the mental side of it, you NEED to follow Mark's content on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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