Kyle Mogged

What They Don't Teach You In School...

Kyle was attending Valencia College in Orlando, FL and watching DailyVee (Gary Vaynerchuk's Daily Vlog) when he noticed that Gary was looking to build a sports agency.

One of Kyle's friends from high school was a highly rated football player at the University of Michigan and Kyle made the introduction via Instagram.

Little did he know what that would lead to...


Gary reached out and asked if Kyle would like to do a 1-week internship at Vaynermedia. At this point, Kyle was just starting his own vlog and had little experience video editing... but that didn't stop him from saying "yes".

That 1 week turned into a 3-month contract and the rest is history. Kyle honed his editing skills and is now a heavily sought out personal branding expert.

Kyle was on our panel at our first event and talked about the spiritual side of business (why he is called the Zen Wizard) and the art of asking.

We interviewed Kyle on our podcast, The GetChoGrindUp Podcast, and if you'd like to stay up to date on what Kyle is doing check out his Instagram.

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