How To Win Scholarships In College

I interviewed Kiara Jones, CEO of Free Money Maven 

Kiara Jones

Student Debt Expert, Helping Students Naviage The World Of Student Loans And Escaping Student Debt.

Kiara Jones is on a mission to spread her knowledge about scholarships, loan forgiveness programs, and grants. Her company, Free Money Maven, helps students navigate the world of student loans and escaping student debt. Kiara graduated with her Bachelors and Masters degree in 5 years, with 0 student loan debt. 

Her journey involves learning that there is over $46 Billion available in grants and scholarships each year... She figured out that its less about being "qualified" for a scholarship, but rather how can you use your story to win these scholarships.

Kiara gives tactical advice as well as a wealth of resources that any students can use to find scholarships. Many of these are free too!

Links to the resources that Kiara talks about in the episode: 

Scholarship Websites: 

Federal Student Loan Tax Credits/Deductions: 

Maryland Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit:

TISLA Student Loan Forgiveness Programs: 

Free Money Maven Website: 

Free Money Maven Instagram: free_money_maven

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