How To Choose Your Major

Learn What I Would Do If I Started As A Freshman Again

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Jarred Mauney - University Of Central Florida | Nicole Alkhazov - Drexel University

Answering The Dreaded Question "Whats Your Major?"

The pressure of choosing your major is blown way out of proportion. Why should an 18-year-old have to choose what they want to do when the most real-world experience they may have is flipping burgers or reffing a travel soccer game?


I changed my major about 25 unofficial times from Freshman - Sophomore year… many of my friends went through something similar, so don’t feel bad if you feel like the major that you choose when you were 18 doesn’t work out. 


In this episode, you’ll hear from Jarred Mauney, a junior from the University of Central Florida talk about his unique journey to becoming a Marketing major. As well as Nicole Alkhazov, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar at Drexel University, talk about why she choose International Business.


I talk about what I would have done if I was starting college as a Freshman

  • Go in undecided

  • Work for free your freshman year by interning or shadowing

  • This will give you enough real-life experience to make an educated guess of if this career is for you

  • Sneak into higher-level classes (this is what Mark Cuban did)


At the end of the day you may graduate and still not want to use your degree either and that's perfectly okay. Only about 27% of people have a job that uses their degree…


Case in point, I have a finance degree and most of my work is marketing…




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