David Verberg

Slow And Steady Wins The Race...

No one ever believed that David could run track and field in college, let alone win an Olympic Gold Medal.

He's been undersized his whole life, but instead of using it as a crutch, he used it as motivation to run faster and faster.

He went to George Mason on a scholarship and made his way into the USA Olympic 4X4. 2016 was his time to shine as he and his team won their Olympic Gold!

The only track star you may know is Usain Bolt...

BUT you may have seen David go viral in 2018 for running across an intersection in Florida to save a turtle that was crossing the road.

The video was viewed millions of times and he was even brought on to Ellen, where he was given $10,000 to start his foundation Golden Tortoise Foundation.

We got to interview David about his journey to the Olympics and what was going through his head while he was running through the streets of Florida to save a turtle on The GetChoGrindUp Podcast.

David is in the middle of training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Keep an eye out for him as he races to retain his Gold Medal in this year's Olympics!

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