How To Find Your First Internship

It's time to get your "career" started by finding that first internship!

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Ashley Rosario - University Of Central Florida

What Everyone Wants... Internships

Why your network = your net worth

Untraditional path to get your internships. Eventbrite and meetup

Going on specific company pages to look

What is an internship? The best explanation for an internship is a tryout for a specific company. Typically they are 10-12 weeks long at a company and the end goal is to either receive an extended internship or a job offer. This is a way for a company to test out if you're a good fit for the company and for you to learn if they're a good fit for you.

So how did I get my first internship? I can tell you that I didn't apply to it. I actually asked a friend to meet up and get some ice cream. Many first internships come from places like this of knowing the right person in the right position because when you're getting started, you don't have much experience behind your name so from the employer's standpoint, you can be risky to hire. That's why it's best to find someone who can give you a referral.


Some of the topics I cover:

  • Why your network = your net worth

  • Untraditional paths to get internships

  • The greatest tool ever... and are great for finding people who are in your field that you can network with. Again you never know who you will meet at these events. is the best for people just getting started. They've created what are called "micro internships" basically short, project-based, assignments that are PAID and you get to put more experience on your resume. If you're struggling to fill out your resume, this is a great resource to grow your experience.


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