Dorm? Or Live At Home

Learn Where I Would Live Throughout My Time In College

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Wilmar Gamboa - University Of Central Florida | Sarah Hartano - Biola University

Living In A Dorm Can Be The "Freedom" That You've Dreamed Of... But Is it Worth It?

The freedom of living on your own can be one of the biggest draws when it comes to attending college. No parents telling you what to do, coming home at any time of the day, having anyone over whenever you want. For anyone who has had strict parents, (mine are Asian and all stereotypes apply here) moving on to campus is more than just freedom, its the ability to feel like you can be yourself.


But what many people don’t talk about is the financial side of living on-campus vs off-campus.


In this episode, you’ll hear from:


Sarah Hartono, a Sophomore at Biola University, talks about her experience of living on campus.


Wilmar Gamboa, a Senior at The University of Central Florida, talks about his experience of living at home.


I dive deep into:


The pros and cons of living on campus, living at home, and living off-campus in apartments

The financial side of it all (That finance major coming in handy now)


And my recommendations of where I would live if I were to start college all over again.



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