How To Find Your First Job

Making The Leap To Finding A Job Can Be Tough. Find Out How I Did It.

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Ashley Rosario - University Of Central Florida

Are You Hiring? How To Find Your First Job

College is a tough time when it comes to finances. If you're lucky enough to not have student debt, well you still have to worry about putting food into your mouth or gas into your car. That is where finding that first job can come into play.

I thought finding a job would be EASY... but I was wrong. I applying to numerous places before luckily getting selected for an interview from Universal Studios Resort. Don't be like me. There are so many other (and much easier) ways to get hired for your first job.


In this episode, you’ll hear from Ashley Rosario, from the University of Central Florida talk about how she got her first job at Apple.


Some of the topics I cover:

  • What are some good jobs to apply to whether you're an introvert or extrovert

  • How to find a job without applying.

  • Don't settle for minimum wage. There are plenty of higher-paying jobs out there, you just need to know where to look.


Some of the classic "college" jobs are being a bartender, waiter, etc. I go over how you can get those as well some other high paying jobs that you may not have thought about.

Check out sites like and for events that may be around a topic that you like. There are usually people there that are hiring and you can get "lucky" and find a perfect entry-level job.


If you're still struggling to find a job, it may be because you aren't putting yourself out there enough. GetChoGrindUp and start meeting more people. One person a day will make a huge difference in the long game. 

Listen to the episode here:



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