How To Use Career Services?

You Get Out Of Career Services, What You Put Into It

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How I Used Career Services To Get My Internship At Lockheed Martin 

Career Services... you know you need to use them... but how?

Career services tend to be a hit or miss depending on whom you talk to. Some universities have their departments properly staffed, while others (typically larger schools) will add a "gatekeeper" to reach the real career services professionals. These are usually students who are paid through their work-study. It's not their fault, they're just trying to get paid. You have to respect the grind.

But if you show yourself as someone determined, you can get by the gatekeeper and find the hidden gem within each Career Servies department. It can be tough, but it can lead to huge ROI by getting you into internships/jobs that you never heard about.

I dive deeper into how I built a great relationship with one of my career coaches at UCF and how that lead to getting my internship at Lockheed Martin.

And look career service professionals are humans. If you come to them your senior year and just expect an internship/job, they can't make miracles happen. You have to put in the effort before and during your career search. Career services can be a huge resource for you, but it is NOT your golden ticket.



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