Chance Glasco

Stamped In Gaming History

Chance Glasco... You may not know the name, but you'll know the games that he has been a part of developing.

Call Of Duty

The franchise has sold over 290,000,000 copies of its games since 2003.

When Chance spoke at our event, he talked about how your journey to your career may not always be a straight forward path.

For him, he graduated from FullSail University in Orlando, FL and thought that when he drove to LA, it would be easy to find a job...

Life hit him hard when he couldn't find a job and that's when he took his talents to the Midwest to a small team called Infinity Ward.

Currently, Chance is working on his next venture, DogHead Simulations, which is a virtual reality company focused on innovating meetings and classrooms. They have offices in Seattle and Orlando. Make sure you stay up to date with everything DogHead is doing on Twitter and their website.

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