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What Is GetChoGrindUp?

GetChoGrindUp started off as a joke on Justin's Instagram and Snapchat stories, but it has grown into much more.


The catchphrase has turned into a community of future leaders with over 6,000 followers on all social media platforms.


A podcast with over 36,000 listens and listeners in over 75 countries! Justin and Gary have interviewed influencers with millions of followers, CEOs who have raised millions in funding, and even an Emmy award winner to find out the REAL nit and grit of what it takes to be successful at a young age.

We know that as young adults we are in a constant battle with ourselves of how to live our lives.


Do we go down the traditional route of schooling and climbing the corporate ladder? Or do we risk it for the biscuit and go down the non-traditional path that very few have successfully navigated?

GetChoGrindUp is more than a community, more than a podcast, more than any event. We are a place where young adults can come to and not only find themselves but find stories of people who look like them, sound like them, and whom they inspire to be. (We love you Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, etc. but its incredibly hard to relate to people who are much older than us.)

We hope to inspire our generation to realize they CAN do whatever they choose to in life, but also realizing that whatever it is that they dream to do, they must "GetChoGrindUp" to be successful!


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