The Life Of A Professional Video Gamer

When Abe was 10 years old playing FIFA with his brother, the thought of ever playing video games competitively never crossed his mind. He just wanted to get better so that he could beat his brother because he was actually pretty bad at FIFA.

Fast forward to 2019 and Abe is the eMLS All-Star Challenge Champion!

Abe spoke at our first event in April 2019 where he was on a panel with Mark Metry, Kyle Mogged, and David Verberg.

He talked about his journey into the esports world and how he dealt with the concern from his parents of "is this really a thing?"

Now Abe has traveled all across the United States to compete in the eMLS and is looking to break into the international scene like some of his fellow eMLS players such as DidyChrislito, Doolsta, and Fiddle.

FIFA Abe has been featured on the GetChoGrindUp Podcast a couple of times where he has talked about his journey into the eMLS and elaborates on how aspiring young gamers can get into the competitive gaming world.

Follow Abe's journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch and check him out at the several eMLS events in 2020!

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